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About me

I am available as SW developer for hire. More than 30 years of experience in automotive electronics R&D. Contact me on Facebook or leave a comment here to start talking.

I am fascinated by Android and the possibilities that Android gives us with its Open Source. For a long time I modded stock ROMs and build ROMs from source. My work (outdated now) can be found on Beegee’s Electronic & Software.

After moving to the Philippines, I stopped working on Android ROMs, mainly because the internet connection here is too slow for daily updates.

Instead I concentrate more on electronics for home control systems. I started using Arduino and ESP8266/ESP32 boards to build up my own home control and security system.

I am as well quite active in the Open Source community. You can find my work on Github. I am as well creating Wiki pages for the Arduino core for ESP32 which puts useful information from the issues of the Arduino core for ESP32 WiFi chip repo in a hopefully easier readable format.