ESP8266 – WiFi controlled light

In home control systems you often need a simple remote controllable relay. Just to switch on or off some lights or appliances. Here is my solution where I used an ESP8266 to control a relay over TCP socket communication. It is a real simple and easy to build system, but special care has to be taken here, because we are dealing with 220V or 110V, depending on the region you live. In case you are not very keen on doing

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My Home Control System – Devices, tasks and communication

After talking about the basics of a server-less system, it is time to show the architecture of my system. To see the code used send the UDP broadcast, read this post. For the code for the TCP communication, read this post. At the moment I have the following devices in the system: Solar panel monitoring – Arduino Yun Front yard security device – ESP8266 CCTV still camera – ESP8266 Back yard security device – ESP8266 Bedroom light switch and dimmer

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Communication between devices that doesn’t require a server (TCP code examples)

TCP packet communication Instead of implementing a “full” web server, I decided to go to a simpler TCP server – client connection. This eliminates overhead in the protocol but as well limits the usage. It is not possible to just use a browser (Chrome, Firefox, …) to send commands to a device. But I was not planing to use browsers anyway. TCP client (control device) example for ESP8266 To be able to send a packet over TCP it is only

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