Solar Panel Monitoring

Introduction 2016 we got our 1kW solar panel system installed. It is an on-grid system, so excessive energy is send back into the public network. We started the process with the local energy supplier Meralco to get registered for “net-metering”. “Net-metering” means that we get paid for energy that we send back into the public network. But we stopped in the middle of the process, because it was tiring, complicated and the additional requirements (additional breaker, evtl. additional watt meter, updated

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ESP8266 – WiFi controlled aircon remote

How to use an ESP8266 as a remote control for aircons (and maybe other appliances). In my other post Solar panel monitoring I shared my small project to monitor the production of our solar panels. As we have to be very careful not to produce more energy than we consume, the next logical step is to automatically switch on appliances in the case of energy over-production. This post is about my small project to automatically switch on the aircon if enough energy

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ESP8266 – Google Cloud Messaging without external server

I was looking into a solution to send push notifications from an ESP8266 module to an Android application. I know that this is possible with the Google Cloud Messaging service. But what I found on the internet is using an external webserver, able to run PHP (or Python) scripts and using a MySQL server to store registration IDs. So the information flow looks like: The developer opens a project in the Google Developer Console, gets an API key and uses this

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