ESP32 WiFi setup over Bluetooth Serial (ESP32 code)

In my other post I wrote about setting up the ESP32 WiFi credentials over BLE. While testing and playing around with different phones, I found that even a quite new (but as well very cheap phone) I have does not support BLE. So I sat back in front of my development IDE and wrote something similar, but this time using Bluetooth Serial as communication. Most of the code is the same as in ESP32 WiFi setup over BLE so I

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Initialize Bluetooth Serial and BLE server

If both BLE and Bluetooth are required to operate in the code, the initialization sequence seems to be critical. Complete initialization of a BLE server and then separate initialization of Bluetooth Serial didn’t work. The correct sequence seems to be

Here is a code extract that worked for me

Full code example for the initialization can be found in this Github repo.

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ESP32 Bluetooth Serial and BLE server running together

There is a new kid coming into the arduino-esp32 world. A Bluetooth Serial library that allows you to use Bluetooth (not BLE) like a serial port. This way you can connect the ESP32 over Bluetooth to an Android app like the┬áSerial Bluetooth Terminal and use it as a serial in/out interface. The library is not yet in the arduino-esp32 repository, but I grabbed a preview from copercini’s repo. It is working fine, I could connect my Android tablet to my

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