My Home Control System – Devices, tasks and communication

After talking about the basics of a server-less system, it is time to show the architecture of my system. To see the code used send the UDP broadcast, read this post. For the code for the TCP communication, read this post. At the moment I have the following devices in the system: Solar panel monitoring – Arduino Yun Front yard security device – ESP8266 CCTV still camera – ESP8266 Back yard security device – ESP8266 Bedroom light switch and dimmer

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Solar Panel Monitoring

Introduction 2016 we got our 1kW solar panel system installed. It is an on-grid system, so excessive energy is sent back into the public network. It took some time to get installed fully, and we needed help from an electrician (like the options in the US) to get it all working. We started the process with the local energy supplier Meralco to get registered for “net-metering”. “Net-metering” means that we get paid for energy that we send back into

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