Problems after cloning the repository

Issue #2199 Python3 problem – Certificate failed After cloning the repository from Github

fails with┬áSSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED Can be linked to problems with VPN. When accessing from China try to use different VPN or disable VPN Can be linked as well to a firewall problem. Check the firewall settings or disable the firewall while installing  

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Add ESP32 to boards manager

Issue #515, #1575 Up to the time of writing this post, it was quite difficult to get the ESP32 framework into the ArduinoIDE. Just after finishing this post the Espressif team came out with their final solution. The HowTo below still is the same, but the URL that needs to be entered into the Board Manager changed. But thanks to Github user Jantje it is now possible. It is a workaround for now and it is up to Jantje to

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Alternative to install arduino-esp32 for Arduino IDE (Windows)

Same as in the original instructions, you need to have Arduino IDE and Git already installed on your computer. In Arduino IDE open the preferences. On the top you see “Sketchbook location”. For me that is “B:\Arduino-Dev”. Open git bash and go to your Sketchbook location, create a folder hardware and inside hardware create a folder espressif. This is folder where you start to clone arduino-esp32. See a list of commands below. For me the folder structure looks like:

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