JustPictures! – Nice replacement for stock gallery (3D)app. Much faster after it has indexed your pictures. And I can see my online pictures as well. 5 stars! http://bit.ly/cN57RT

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Phoenix – Autoboot+app start

Requires root! Requires Android 4.0.3++ You need to grant permission when your SU app requests An application to reboot your phone in a given interval on a specific time and start a specific application after reboot. The idea is to restart Android and an application periodically to clean up cache and memory leaks if the application (like a security cam >> see Alfred in GooglePlay) has to run over a long time. And if you don’t need to restart an

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Cool It — Phone cooler

Cool It Requires device admin rights! Accept device admin rights when requested! Requires Android 4.0.3 or newer! An application that permanently watches your device temperature. If the device gets too hot, all running apps are suspended and the device screen is switched off. Often background apps are using up CPU and this can cause overheating of your device. With this app you can automatically stop applications and help to cool down your device. Home launcher widget allows to watch your

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