No USB cable for your WSL Xvision / Advent Vega?

That was the case for me when I got my new Android tablet. No cable was delivered with the tablet. And the USB port on the tablet is the same format as you find on a PC, a USB A type female. I checked several stores here in Tokyo to find a cable, but couldn’t find a male to male USB cable. What I could find where cables to connect 2 PC’s with USB, but they are with an additional

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WSL Xvision / Advent Vega – Docking station

The first accessory I bought for my Xvision tablet was a docking station. It gives the tablet a secure stand on your desktop as a charging station. And it gives easier access to the USB port, HDMI output, and speakers output. If you want a stronger HDMI output, you may want to look into, to see what advancements can help your equipment get the best audio optimization. In addition, it extends the USB to 3 ports. Right now, due

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Rubber Coating Shell Jacket & Protection Film

Today I saw a nice 2 set package at Yodobashi camera. And it was cheap, only 1980 Yen (~17 Euro) for the shell and a screen protector from ray-out. I chose the RT-HX06C3/R which is red, but they have black ones as well. The shell was easy to mount, fits nice to the Desire. But of course it makes the phone thicker. The spares for volume keys, USB and On/Off button are a too big, this could be done better.

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