OneWire alternative library

The OneWire protocol is very timing sensitive. stickbreaker modified the current version maintained by PaulStoffregen/OneWire to work with the ESP32. It is in the Github repo at stickbreaker/OneWire. For manual installation download the stickbreaker/OneWire archive, unzip it and place the OneWire folder into the library directory. In Arduino IDE this is usually <arduinosketchfolder>/libraries/ In PlatformIO this is usually <user>/.platformio/lib

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ESP32 not showing in serial port (MAC Desktop Laptop problem)

This could be one of several issues. a) Power problem On many laptops the power provided on the USB port is not sufficient to power an ESP32 with activated WiFi and/or Bluetooth. Solution is to use a powered USB hub which can deliver 1A to the connected USB device. b) Timing problem This is a kinda “known” issue on some Macs. Advise is to use a USB hub to connect your serial devices 😉 something in the timing causes the

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