ESP32 application log output in the same format as the core log output

I love the ESP32 core level log output. It is easy to configure and gives me the file name and line number where the log output was created:

But when I want to use the same log functions for log output from my application, I have the problem that all output is mixed up and it is difficult to see the logs from my application between all the lines of the core log output:

What I want is

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Problems after cloning the repository

Issue #2199 Python3 problem – Certificate failed After cloning the repository from Github

fails with┬áSSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED Can be linked to problems with VPN. When accessing from China try to use different VPN or disable VPN Can be linked as well to a firewall problem. Check the firewall settings or disable the firewall while installing  

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Reserved GPIO’S

Some GPIO’s cannot be used freely, as they are already assigned to module peripherals or have special functions during booting: GPIO0 pin is used as a bootstrapping pin, and should be low to enter UART download mode. Make sure it is not pulled low by a peripheral device during boot or the firmware will not start! GPIO2 pin is used as a bootstrapping pin, and should be low to enter UART download mode. Make sure it is not pulled high

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Add ESP32 to boards manager

Issue #515, #1575 Up to the time of writing this post, it was quite difficult to get the ESP32 framework into the ArduinoIDE. Just after finishing this post the Espressif team came out with their final solution. The HowTo below still is the same, but the URL that needs to be entered into the Board Manager changed. But thanks to Github user Jantje it is now possible. It is a workaround for now and it is up to Jantje to

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Get board name in your code

Issue #1507 Sometimes you write your application for different ESP32 boards and have to assign e.g. GPIO’s different depending on the board your app is compiled for and running on. The easiest way is the use the #define ARDUINO_BOARD which is created by the toolchain from the board name in the boards .json file. So in your platformio.ini file you might have defined the different boards like

The boards names are defined in [YOUR_PATH_TO_PLATFORMIO].platformio\platforms\espressif32\boards. Open the .json file for

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Upload of code over USB/Serial fails because of erroneous code

Issue #1375 In case you messed up your code and cannot program your ESP32 anymore over USB, e.g. you used Serial0 and assigned it to pins that are not connected to the Serial/USB bridge there are two ways to get the ESP32 into download mode If you have buttons for reset and gpio0, you can hold down gpio0 and then press reset. This will put the esp32 in a “waiting for download” state and you can then upload good code.

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Workaround for WifiClientSecure::connect does not give any certificate-fail clarification

Issue #1393 copercini posted a workaround for the missing certificate-fail error


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Simultaneously use of two SPI buses

In the library is now an example to show the use of HSPI and VSPI simultaneously. Example code created by AlistairSymonds


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Analog Read seems to be slow

Issue #1373 analogRead() seems to be slow. Reason: Arduino ADC library takes by default 8 samples and returns the average value. The number of samples can be changed with the command


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