Change partition size (Arduino IDE)

DEPRECATED. The partition size can now be choosen from the Tools–>Partition Scheme menu.

To change the partition size for ESP32 using Arduino IDE I recommend this approach:

Create a new partition description file in <LOCATION_OF_ARDUINO_ESP32>/tools/partitions , e.g max.csv

The above example gives you a partition size of 0x1E0000 or 1966080 bytes on cost of a smaller SPIFFS partition.

Edit <LOCATION_OF_ARDUINO_ESP32>/boards.txt

Make a copy of the board description that you want to change the partition size for, in this example I copied ESP32 Dev Module. Rename all ‘esp32.‘ entries to ‘esp32max.‘. Change the lines


Save all, restart ArduinoIDE and select the new board ‘ESP32 DEV MAX

Example output of a very large sketch including BLE and Bluetooth Serial:



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