Alternative to install arduino-esp32 for Arduino IDE (Windows)

Same as in the original instructions, you need to have Arduino IDE and Git already installed on your computer.

In Arduino IDE open the preferences. On the top you see “Sketchbook location”.
For me that is “B:\Arduino-Dev”.
Open git bash and go to your Sketchbook location, create a folder hardware and inside hardware create a folder espressif. This is folder where you start to clone arduino-esp32. See a list of commands below.
For me the folder structure looks like:

You need to replace B:\Arduino-Dev with your sketchbook location.
Then use git bash instead of the git GUI.

after cloning is finished do

That should install the stuff in the correct place.
Important is to get the correct sketchbook folder from your Arduino-IDE preferences!



  • Jimmy Salgado

    Hi I was wondering if you can give me a hand, I already tried this method
    and yours….
    but I still get the same error when I compile anything involving the esp32 dev module, “error compiling for esp32 Dev Module” I tried doing the replacement mentioned here but still the same error :S
    I would really apreciate if that you can help me with some advice… Thanks in advance

    • beegee1962

      Hi Jimmy,
      When you open Arduino IDE and open the menu File->Preferences you see on top the “Sketchbook location:” Can you tell me what is written there?
      And can you give me the directory structure where you installed the arduino-esp32 repository?

  • gavau

    thanks for your tutorial, my father bought 2 esp32 by geekcreit on banggood.
    Now I’m able to chose some esp32 boards in arduino IDE, but can’t select a port because of missing drivers. Downloaded some drivers (don’t know which one, tried 2 of them) but windows tell me drivers are already up to date, so I can’t install

  • Jimmy Salgado

    You were right beegee, I didn’t see you previous reply, when I start “get.exe” I don’t see any errors popping up. I tried downloading the 3 compressed files and putting them in the specified folders… I retried compiling the program (which is practically empty) but I keep getting the same error :/, It’s just the compiling I’m not even trying to upload it to the card….

    • beegee1962

      Then I have no idea whats wrong. I have both Arduino IDE and PlatformIO with Microsoft Visual Code running without problems. But I have to say that installing and maintaining the ESP32-Arduino framework is much easier on PlatformIO (no need to manually download and start of get.exe) than on Arduino IDE. Maybe you want to give PlatformIO a try.

      • Jimmy Salgado

        Thanks for the advice Beegee, apparently one of the many tries a made did it, I’m now working on the connection between my nextion screen, do you happen to know where I could find wich pin is the hardwareSerial(2) in the DO IT esp 32 dev kit? Thanks again for all of your help

        • beegee1962

          Hi Jimmy, glad it works now.
          For the serials, like most digital peripherals on the ESP32 you can map them to nearly any GPIO during initialization. E.g.
          HardwareSerial bt(2);
          void setup(){

          The syntax is
          void begin(unsigned long baud, uint32_t config=SERIAL_8N1, int8_t rxPin=-1, int8_t txPin=-1, bool invert=false);

          You can find the default values here: ESP WROOM 32 Pin Definitions


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