ESP32 Weatherstation

The ESP32 is a nice module with plenty of connectivity possibilities, digital IO’s, analog input, and touch pad inputs. When I got my first ESP32 I started playing around with it to explore all its possibilities. The result is a small weatherstation that collects weather information from different sources and displays them on a 1.44″ TFT display.

The result is still on a breadboard and not included into a housing yet.

The main goal was to test as many connectivity options as possible. And right now the application is using a TFT display to show the weather conditions, a TSL2561 and a LDR to measure the brightness/light values, touch pads as user input devices, a DHT11 sensor to measure temperature and brightness, an UDP broadcast listener to receive informations from other sensors in my local network, a HTTP client to receive weather information from Weather Underground a MQTT client to send information to an EMQ MQTT server, a BLE server to send information to a mobile device over Bluetooth low energy and supports OTA for over the air software updates.

Now this is a lot of stuff, so I decided to split details of these functions into several posts. Follow the links below to jump to these posts.



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