Cannot find an application in the Android market?

You are looking for a specific application in the market and you cannot find it? There are chances, that the app is not published for the region that you are in at the moment. Even if you have registered with a German account, have a German SIM card in your phone or tablet, while you are e.g. in China, some applications are not showing.

There is a solution that you can try. Still doesn’t work all the time, but it’s worth a try.

Look for Market Enabler on Android market and install it. There are 2 version, a free version, that fakes your location only until next reboot and a paid version, which will fake your location permanent. It’s up to you what you want. If you want to support the developer then of course you should go for the donate version.

After you installed the app, start it and you will see the screen, showing you the actual settings:

Click on the button “Settings list” to get a list of available providers.

Usually I just take the first one “[us] T-Mobile (T-Mobile), that works for me usually. When you long press on this, you get a menu where you can choose what to do.

“fake this provider now” will immediately change your settings. Still you might need to close your market first, before the change is acknowledged by the market app.

“Set for fakeOnBoot” works only in the donate version of the application. It will permanently tell Android market that you are using this provider.

In the third tab “Set custom”, you can set any SIM operator number that is not in the list and fake this provider. The gsm.sim.operator.numeric you have to enter here is a 5 or 6 digit number. You can find these numbers on the CyanogenMod APN list.

If I want to fake that I am using a SIM card from the provider Softbank Japan, I have to look for the column “Softbank”. There I will find 2 entries: mcc=”440″ mnc=”20″. These 2 entries are the number I need. The number is build our of these 2 values in the sequence mnc – mcc. So for Softbank the number will be 20440. Once set, I will be able to see applications in the market that are only released for the Japan region. Of course this does not influence apps that are published world wide.



  • soclar


    I installed the market enabler and tried following the steps above. But when I open play store, it is still only showing world wide published apps. Can you please help me out? Thanks!

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