Your tablet is no longer booting?

Unfortunately on the tablets based on the P10AN01 board (Advent Vega, pov Mobii, Viewsonic Viewpad 10s, Smartsurfer 100, UX100, …) there is no possibility to enter recovery with a button combination during power on.
So if you get stuck with none booting tablet, you have to get back to a stock ROM, loosing all your installed apps, data and settings. Of course you can restore your backup, but there is an easier way to go from a stuck tablet back to a full restored working tablet.

Install ClockWorkMod recovery. Make a nandroid backup.
Get VegaFixer and follow the instructions.
When you get stuck next time, VegaFixer will flash the nandroid backup (including your apps and settings) and you are back to full working machine.

VegaFixer helped me many times already. Because I am playing around with framework-res and other system stuff I get often stuck with a none booting tablet. VegaFixer helped me out every time to my tablet up quickly again.

credits go to
mad-murdock @ XDA for the ClockWorkMod
add.thebad @ MoDaCo for creating the ClockWorkMod installer
zebrahead @ MoDaCo for creating the VegaFixer



  • lahainet

    I hava an 10s but when i try to backup with the utility ask me for a name, then restart and a open box with an arrow an android figure appears but the time is passing and i dont know how much time is required for the backup is normal to take much time?

    i live in mexico city please help me.

    • beegee1962

      Not sure which utility you tried for the backup, but a nandroid backup takes not longer than 10 minutes. And you should see some text showing what it is doing.

      Try reboot, then goto CWM recovery and try to start the backup from there.

  • Ben

    Hi I´m from mexico too, i tried something stupid, i tried to install a honeycomb update to my viewpad 10s, the screen goes black, and some time laps and i did not see any change from that black screen so i turn it off, and then turn in the viewpad and now the screen is still black, how i can restore the viewpad, in matter of fact i even care the apps that i had in my viewpad, i just want it functional again. could somebody help me???

  • apinda

    i need help…
    I have a viewpad 10s
    I restored my original ROM. at first it worked but after I restart my viewpad, it won’t boot anymore. I only see blank screen when i turn it on. could you tell me what i must do? sorry for bad english but i really need help…. thanks…

    • beegee1962
      • apinda

        thanks for replying, i’m sorry i didn’t know you’ve already answer my question

      • apinda

        ok, i’ve downloaded the BSOD. I’m sorry for disturbing you but could you give me some clue how to use it please? my laptop don’t detect my 10s. I’m sorry but I’m really stupid about this programing things…

        • apinda

          ok, I think i found the problem. i can’t do the combination button 1 and 2… it’s just make my 10s turn on and off… what should i do?

          • beegee1962

            Try the combination of back and power button while the power supply is plugged into the tablet. Some tablets don’t enter the special NVFlash mode when the power is not plugged in.

            And make sure your tablet was really off. Press the power button for 20 seconds or longer, that makes sure the tablet is really powered off and not in a kind of sleep mode.

          • apinda

            it’s keep showing me blank screen… I tried the combination a few times but nothing happens. i’m running on windows 7 and i can’t install my tablet’s driver. do you have another way to do the combination button?

    • apinda

      anybody help me please? i’ve been searching the solution for my 10s and i don’t find it yet. i’ve been trying to access the recovery mode but my 10s keep showing me a blank screen. i’ve tried to connect it to my PC but won’t detect my 10s. I don’t know how to install the USB driver either. give me some pointers, please?

      • beegee1962

        Maybe you were already able to get NVFlash mode, but you don’t know, as the screen is complete black until the re-flash process starts.

        Check on MoDaCo for the YAUDIG application. It helps you to install the correct drivers.

      • apinda

        i’ve tried so many times but nothing happen. I think the problem is in the windows. looks like I get the NVFlash mode (no backlight after the comination button) but my laptop doesn’t respond.

      • apinda

        thank you very much beegee1962. you really help me. finally i solve the problem by uninstalling kies samsung software (in fact, I don’t Kies can affect it but it is solved after i uninstall it). I really thanks to you, you are the best.

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