Toshiba Folio Media Player

Recently I got my hands on a ROM coming from the Toshiba Folio Android tablet. Of course I wanted to checkout the applications that are coming with the device.

Only impressive thing I found is the Toshiba Media Player. It provides access to music, videos, photos, podcasts on your SD-card and as well access to your media home server (if you know how to set it up.

Music player

The integrated music player updates your songs automatically with the album covers and its quite successful with finding the correct pictures.

You scroll through artists, albums, songs and create your playlists. Just the things that all other media players offer as well.

I found no possibility to import playlists



your music has to be all in the same folder on your

SD card, no subfolders possible.


Of course there is a widget for your homescreen:

 Video player

The video player part scans your SDcard for exisiting videos and movies and shows them in a list with a small thumbnail. The quality of the replay is ok, but nothing special. Couldn’t test if it support 1080p, as I have no such videos.

Picture viewer / slide show

The picture viewer lets you select a preview by folders or all photos. When you scroll first through the preview, its quite slow, but once it has created all the thumbnails, its acceptable fast.

The slide show doesn’t have many features, basically the only thing you can change is the speed, transitions are selected automatically.


The podcasts needs to be setup from your PC/Mac. I didn’t try this, as I am not a podcast fan.

Home Media Server

Another thing I could not test, as I have not running a Home Media Server. But if you have, this might be an interesting feature.

Overall I expected something better on such an expensive tablet as the Toshiba Folio, but I have to say it runs nice and smooth on my cheap XVision / Vega with the MoDaCo r8 ROM.

Anyway, you can download the player from my download page and

try it by yourself. Just copy the file to your SD-card and install it from there.



  • Jab

    Does this work on the gingarou ROM for Samsung galaxy tab 10.1

    • beegee1962

      It might run on the Android 3.2 versions of the ROM but it is not compatible with ICS CM9.

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