WSL Xvision / Advent Vega – Docking station

The first accessory I bought for my Xvision tablet was a docking station.
It gives the tablet a secure stand on your desktop as a charging station. And it gives easier access to the USB port, HDMI output, and speakers output. If you want a stronger HDMI output, you may want to look into, to see what advancements can help your equipment get the best audio optimization. In addition, it extends the USB to 3 ports. Right now, due to the limit of Android, it supports only 1 USB memory device, but you can connect a keyboard and mouse to the other ports. On MoDaCo you can find a list of working devices.

Here is a picture with the tablet attached: The device fits easily into the docking station. The docking station is quite heavy, that gives the tablet a safe stand. The blue LED on the front is a little bit annoying in the beginning, but I got used to it very soon. The angle of the screen is a little bit too high. Typing is quite difficult if you haven’t a keyboard attached.

On the back of the dock you find the input for the power supply (unfortunately you have to use the one that came with the tablet), audio and HDMI output and 3 USB ports. When the tablet is in the docking station, the USB port automatically switches to host mode, so there is no additional software needed to switch the USB mode. When using the USB port on the tablet itself, you have manually to switch between host and slave mode. Good that on MoDaCo you can find the application and widget to switch between the two modes.

As said before the angle of the screen is a little bit to high, which makes it difficult to type on the screen. Another problem is that due to limited viewing angle, the screen gets difficult to read. If you are as tall as me (5.8″ or 1.81m) this is getting really a problem. Because of this I am now searching for another gadget, that allows me to have to tablet in front of me on the desk in a good viewing angle and easy to use the onscreen keyboard for typing. When I found it, be sure that I will post it here.

Another interesting feature that I didn’t find in any manual or specification:
Once you come close to the docking station with your tablet a blue LED is lighting up on your tablet. I guess this is to guide you to connect the tablet to the dock station more easily. The docking station has no guides so you have to guess where the two connectors (on the tablet and on the dock) are. This LED helps you to find the correct position.

And of course I was curious how the docking station looks internally. So I opened it. There are 2 PCB’s inside, one holding the connector to the tablet, the other one with the connectors for the USB, HDMI, speaker and power. Looking on the connector, it looks very much as the P10AN01 board implemented a full PDMI interface to the docking station. But I cannot prove it. Here are some pictures of the docking station:



  • jerry williams

    WSL Xvision / Advent Vega – Docking station -can it be purchased in the US?

  • beegee1962

    Sorry, I have no idea. I am living in Japan. Maybe you can order it from Japan (Yahoo shopping) or from Advent in UK. Search for advent vega.

  • HaciEfendi

    How much did you spend on that dock in $ ?

    • beegee1962

      I bought it at Yahoo Japan Shopping for 3980 Yen = 48 US$

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