Graphic mod for the Notion Ink keyboard

The Android 2.2 keyboard sucks on a high resolution screen as you can find on the newer Android tablets.
On my HTC Desire I always kept the HTC IME keyboard, as IMHO it is much better than the Android keyboard. Even the new Gingerbread keyboard is not good for me. Unfortunately the HTC IME keyboard does not work on my Xvision, so I had to search for an alternative.

I found the Notion Ink keyboard ported from gojimi on XDA-Developers.
I love this keyboard on my WSL XVision (in Europe aka Advent Vega). But the colors are awfull. Grey on white, that is not very practical. So I made a small graphic mod to the keyboard. I tested it only on my WSL XVision, no guaranty if it breaks your device or destroy your SD card data. For me it works fine.

Here are some screen shots.





The keyboard does not support other language layouts than English. There is as well no word prediction or correction. But still I can type faster on this keyboard than on the standard ones.

You can get it from my download page. Install it as any other application.

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