My new toy, the WSL Xvision (aka Advent Vega, Dreambook, …)

Last Sunday my new toy arrived. The WSL Xvision aka Advent Vega aka Dreambook aka …Its a Android tab with a 10.1″ display, Nvidia dual core processor and Android 2.2. It arrived really bare naked, just the tab and a power supply. There was no USB cable, no cover, no nothing else. But what can you expect for 38500 Yen?

The base for this tablet is the P10AN01, which is used by several Chinese OEMs for their Android tablets. The specs for the tablet can be found on the WSL homepage.
Unfortunately the Japanese version (as the European Advent Vega) is not available with 3G modem and GPS. Other versions like the DreamBook ePad P10 3Dui offer these as an option.

The device has none of the usual Android buttons on the front, only a “back” button is available on the top. But there are workarounds available. Both the original ROM and the MoDaCo custom ROM have the home, menu and back button in the notification bar. For apps that work in full screen mode there is a solution on the market that simulates these buttons thru a onscreen option. More about this in another post.
The build quality is not bad, but of course you cannot compare it with a Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPad. You might think you will need to compromise on which tablet you ultimately choose – if you’re looking to buy – but the Samsung and Apple options might not be out of reach, even to those living on tight budgets. You could check out the coupons and discounts from Raise (see here –, some of which can be used on technology and devices like tablets. The weight and size of the tablet is acceptable. But you need to get used to the missing buttons.
The USB port can work in slave or host mode, which gives you the possibility to use USB accessories like a mouse, keyboard or USB memory with it. There is as well the possibility to use a 3G USB modem, but the one I have (Softbank C01SW) is not working.

Stay tuned for some more information and helpful tricks for the WSL Xvision in my next posts.



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