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Ok, here we go with the another secret of Softbank. On their “stupid” Japanese phones they have what Japanese people like most. The S!Mail. Comparable with the SMS or MMS technology that we know from Europe, this is used to communicate to other mobile phones. But it is more like email and MMS, as you send your message to a kind of email address and can add files or photos. The great thing on this is that it works like a Blackberry. Whenever someone sends you an email to your S!Mail address, it is shown immediately. No need to check your mailbox frequently.
Download from here!

The main application shows MMS and SMS combined.

In the Settings you have to select the Custom User-Agent to get the app working.

To be able to type in Japanese, I implemented the Japanese keyboard from the Softbank Desire X06HT.

From this ROM I got as well the necessary APN settings for MMS and Internet connection using the flat data plan.

Strange enough, Softbank uses different APN settings for different plans and phones. This is very confusing.


The changed MMS application supports as well to use the typical Japanese emoji.


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  • I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

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  • Hiya,
    I copied your softbank mms.apk in to my htc sensation 4G Gingerbread 2.3.5 and installed the zip update form the recovery prompt.

    The Phone works 99.9% unlike on earlier avaliable froyo 2.2 mms.apk swaped in the system/apps folder, it would crash the sms apps.
    But your one works…… BUT…still the MMS does not go nor get downloaded.
    I have an iphone4 microsim and apn already set in my rom. Evrything else is F.I.N.E :))

    Any help will be a magic.


    • beegee1962

      Difficult to say what’s wrong.
      Is your APN complete, including the MMS part?
      Did you register your Softbank email address with an “ordinary” Softbank phone or a Iphone before?

      • Well… Its an iphone4 microsim. Yes its registered and I used to recieve and send MMS on my previous model HTC DESIRE HD (Which I picked up from Singapore)

        I tried the same MMS.apk which I used from the JAKE site – worked with the desire HD model.

        BUT – SOMEHOW does not work with HTC Sensation 4G

        Anyone can pass me the SOFTBANK Gingerbread 2.3.X stock ROM will be helpfull. CHEERS 🙂

  • Budiman Kharma


    I would like to ask you whether I can use your softbank s!mail apk on my xperia mini pro SK17i? should I do a rooting before or without rooting? Does it come with the emoji?
    Since I am using the silver card with softbank 940SH, is it right for me to use the opensoftbank APN?
    How can I download the APN setting?
    I am sorry for bothering you. Thank you in advanced.

    • beegee1962

      Cannot promise that it works with the xperia phone, this version is quite old. Maybe better you get the one from the market. It comes with the emoji (both mine and the market version). No root needed to install it.
      You cannot download the APN settings, if they are not in your ROM you have to create a new set. You can find the settings on several spots here on my website.

      • Budiman Kharma

        Thank you very much for your kind reply.
        Yap, I will try to find it from the market. As for the setting, I just make a setting from the android interface (I mean by creating the new set of APN in the setting menu)? Or I should make a .xml file?
        Thank you in advanced.

        • beegee1962

          Writing the settings direct on the phone should be the fastest. Then you can use an application like APN Backup & Restore to save the settings. In case you flash a new ROM you can then restore the APN settings.

  • Budiman Kharma

    Hi Beegee,

    Sorry for bothering you again. I read many sources from web that User Agent (UA). Do you have any suggestion? And how can set for the UA?

    • beegee1962

      The UA can be changed on the original android browser only with a small trick. You have to type about:debug in the address line then go. Nothing seems to happen. But when you open now the settings you will see some additional menues and there you can change the UA.
      Other browsers (like the Maxthon) offer this by default.

      • Budiman

        Thanks BeeGee…..
        Sorry for bothering you with my silly questions since I am new in android…..
        Do you have suggestion what is the proper or the best UA should I fill in? Now, I am using softbank 940SH with the grey simcard and ???????
        Thanks again….

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