Phonecard Express – a solution to solve the Softbank limitations on international phone numbers

Softbank Japan is a headache when it comes to the handling of international numbers. While in all countries I know a “+” in front of a phone number is automatically corrected, Softbank Japan is not able to do this.
A “+1” for a call to USA or a “+81” for a local call is not working. You end up with a nice Japanese voice telling you that the number you have dialed is incorrect.
For international calls you need to have a “010” instead of the “+”, for local calls it must be a “0”.

Phonecard Express is a perfect tool to get around these problems and in addition it can help you saving money by using calling cards.

Unfortunately the version of Phonecard Express that is available on the market has not the enhanced features needed. But the developer has a test version on his website with the new features. Get it from Phonecard Express Easy Communication with Phone Cards. Click on the text
If you are brave enough and want to try new features of Phonecard Express, you may download the latest version by clicking this line.
to get the latest version.

And here is a step by step instruction how to setup Phonecard Express for best use with Softbank in Japan:

After installation of PhoneCard Express start the program.

You will see

Press the menu button on your phone, then press Preferences
Check that “Use Phonecard Express?” is selected.

Then tap on “Calling Number Delimiter”

Delete any entry in input field and press “Confirm”
Back on the preferences view, press “Define “+” Handler
Check “International number” and enter a + in the “Replace” field and 010 in the “with” field. In case you use a calling card for all international calls, you should leave this field empty.

Check “Domestic number” and enter +81 in the “Replace” field and 0 in the “with” field empty.

Press “Confirm”

Close the Preferences view with the “back” button.

Press the “menu” button again and select “Add PhoneCard”.

I use Brastel for all my international calls. So the settings shown here are for Brastel. And they work only if you have your phone number registered at Brastel. You have to figure out for your calling card how to setup this by yourself.

Enter Brastel as “Phone Card name”

Select “Access Phone Number” as “First”

Enter 00912020 in the input field

Select “None” for all “Then” fields

Press “Confirm” to save the settings.

Repeat this step for additional calling cards if necessary.
Close the Phonecard Express application.

Now when you dial a number from your phonebook you will get a popup screen where you can select how you want to dial.



  • Bruce

    Hi – I have just got an Acer Liquid E cellphone. Have you or anyone been able to make this program for calling cards work on this phone. It is running Froyo.



    • beegee1962

      I tried only on my HTC Desire, but it should work on any Android phone.

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