Rubber Coating Shell Jacket & Protection Film

Today I saw a nice 2 set package at Yodobashi camera. And it was cheap, only 1980 Yen (~17 Euro) for the shell and a screen protector from ray-out. I chose the RT-HX06C3/R which is red, but they have black ones as well.

The shell was easy to mount, fits nice to the Desire. But of course it makes the phone thicker. The spares for volume keys, USB and On/Off button are a too big, this could be done better.

And even with the shell, my Desire still fits into my docking station. But that’s just because my cheap docking station was not really matching with the Desire outline.

A little bit disappointing is the screen protector. Even with several tries I did not succeed to get it onto the display without bubbles. But the feeling is good, the sensitivity is the same.

The spaces for volume and on button are too big.

The same for the USB connector. On this picture you can see as well the small bubbles under the screen protector.

The back of the shell is really nice done. And the original color is much better than on this picture.

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