Samsung ebook application for Honeycomb 3.2

After the Honeycomb 3.2 ROM versions were leaked, a lot of people were disappointed that the Ebook reader did not work anymore on the customized ROMs. It was the same for my own custom ROM, the Ganbarou V0.4.

To install the ebook reader, download the ebook.apk from my apps section. Copy the file to your tablet. Open your file manager on the tablet, and double click on the ebook.apk file to install it.

I played around a little bit and could finally get the Ebook reader to work. And even better, it is no longer a system application that you need to flash with the CWM recovery. Now you can just install the application as a normal user application.

But I have to say, I am a little bit disappointed, because the Ebook reader has problems with the German fonts. See on the screenshots below.

Download as usual from the apps section of my website.

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17 Responses to Samsung ebook application for Honeycomb 3.2

  1. eef berkers says:

    Hello BeeGee,
    i have the same problem with e-book after updating to 3.2
    I tried to install your e-book app but this didn’t work (gt 7510) “message: app not installed.
    Do you have any suggestions ?

    • beegee1962 says:

      You need to remove the (not working) ebook.apk from the systems/app folder before you can install this version. You can remove it either from the original ROM ZIP file and then flash this changed ROM again (no data loss usually) or use e.g. ROOT-EXPLORER to delete the ebook.apk.

  2. hornet says:

    Can you share the source code of this application? I would like to port it for Andorid 2.3.6 for Samsung galaxy note.


  3. Paul says:

    So you install it with the APK- multi touch tool? see i followed the instructions: removed the sys/app ebook.apk, downloaded yours but unzipped it and installed it, but when accessing the app there is a disclaimer that pops up and doesnt let me access the app. what did I do wrong?

    • beegee1962 says:

      What does the disclaimer say?

      Did you clear cache after removing the ebook from sys/app folder?

      • Paul says:

        Thxs, and sorry im a noob, no, I didnt clear the cache (going to do it again with this step!!) the disclaimer says something about samsung rights and samsung third party apps, and theres nothing to remove it or access the app.

        one more thing, for any system app i need to clear the cache before reinstalling the app?

      • Paul says:

        here, this is an extract of what the disclaimer says: “you hereby acnowledge and agree that any services and contents provided to you through this app are being provided by a third party service… and expressly disclaims any liabilyty in connectio with any third party services, contents or your use” but there is no accept/cancel button… :S

        PS. sorry to ask this silly question but how do I clear cache from the tablet? I went browser-settings- clear cache, but i think this is to clear the browsing cache, I guess it’s not what you meant.

        • beegee1962 says:

          I know this disclaimer, but I am wondering why you do not see a box for a checkmark and an agree button. Don’t understand and cannot help here unfortunately.

          Regarding clearing cache, this should be done in CWM recovery mode. Hope you are familiar enough how to boot into CWM recovery. There, depending on the version you find wipe cache either in the top level menu or in one of the submenues. In addition you can clear dalvik-cache, which is as well in one of the sub menues. the dalvik-cache keeps parts of your apps always in cache, so that they start faster. Once you wiped that and reboot it will take quite some time, because the dalvik-cache is rebuild during booting. So be patient. I had cases on my tablet where it took 10 minutes to boot.

          Sorry, not much help from my side, but I could install ebooks without problems and never saw your problem.

  4. Paul says:

    yeah im familiar with the CWM recovery, going to give it a try hopefully is going to work thought!!! thank you for your help!! cleared a lot of questions!! really appreciated!! :)

  5. Paul says:

    Hi there again!! After my failed try since my last comment, I need to tell you that now the problem has been resolved!!! What did I do? nothing, I gave up and started using aldiko ereader and some other apps on the market :( until now that I’ve just update the firmware to the PDA:LA3/CSC:LA3, which was released yesterday by the way, and now it works like a charm!!! :) I guess Samsung was aware of the issue thought!! just a heads up if someone had come across with the same issue as I did… ;)

  6. zeeqy says:

    I have been looking for this Ebook Reader for a while, I posted a thread on xda as well, I come across your post and somehow ended up here…

    Here is my question, can I install this ebook reader on Gingerbread? coz I have Galaxy Note and have installed all the best recomended book readers but nothing like the Honeycomb stock reader…


  7. Phil says:


    Will the Samsung eBook app work on an ASUS PRIME running ICS ?

  8. marion says:

    My new galaxy tab 2 7″ did not come with samsungs ebook app, so i downloadedand installed your apk. It installed fine, but i have the same problem as i have with swype install. The screen size/resolution is an odd size. When i open ebook reader, i cant get passed disclaimer page, because the agree button is below the visible screen. And it wont scroll. All i can do is back out of the app. :(

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