WiFi Auto Reconnect problems

User mickeypop investigated and found some solutions:

Additional explanations: While one bypasses some library issues the other uses the WiFi.onEvent() service, both simply detect when a connection is broken and re-initiate a new connection. While some have noted after several hours they keep getting bumped, this is almost certainly a function of the lease time of DHCP server in the router. If the lease time of the router is not the same sometimes devices “forget” to update causing a no IP

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WiFi connection problem – NVS corrupted

If you have WiFi connection problems where WiFi.status() always returns WL_NO_SSID_AVAIL even you are sure that the AP is available and working, it might be that the NVS storage has been corrupted. The NVS storage is the place where esp-idf stores the WiFi credentials. See issue wifi connection problem on Arduino-esp32. To check if your NVS storage is corrupted you can use ESP32-Show_nvs_keys provided by stickbreaker. If your NVS storage is corrupted you can use the following code snippet to

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Deep-Sleep needs WiFi and Bluetooth switched OFF for low current consumption

rudi48 made some investigations regarding power saving during deep sleep here. Summary: To achieve maximum power saving during deep sleep it is necessary to switch off Bluetooth and WiFi before calling esp_deep_sleep_start(); Example:


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