Communication between devices that doesn’t require a server (UDP code examples)

UDP broadcast Two things to keep in mind about UDP broadcast: UDP broadcast is not a safe method. There is no check if anyone has received the packet. It is just sent out on the network and that’s it. If a recipient miss it, no warning or error is thrown. UDP broadcast works only in your local network. You cannot send a UDP broadcast to “the world”. ISPs, modems and specially mobile networks do not allow it. UDP broadcast sender

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ESP32 UDP broadcast listener – get information from other sensors

In my home control project I have several ESP8266, Arduino Yun and Arduino Uno WiFi modules placed all around my house. They have different functions like motion detection, alarm system or remote light control. These devices announce their status as UDP broadcasts on my local WiFi network. Why using UDP broadcast instead of a point to point transfer? Because I want to have the status available on any phone, tablet or computer without the need of a central server, I

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ESP32 UDP broadcaster to send information to other devices

As I want to have the basic data from my weather station available on other devices as well, the data is sent periodically as UDP broadcasts on the local WiFi network. As the status data of all my devices are “standardized” the broadcast message has to be in JSON object format like

where “de” is the device name, “wei” stands for weather internal “te” is the temperature “hu” is the humidity “hi” is the heat index “dp” is the

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