ESP8266 – WiFi controlled light

In home control systems you often need a simple remote controllable relay. Just to switch on or off some lights or appliances. Here is my solution where I used an ESP8266 to control a relay over TCP socket communication. It is a real simple and easy to build system, but special care has to be taken here, because we are dealing with 220V or 110V, depending on the region you live. In hardware description below I show the two option, first where a relay and the AC connectors are mounted on the same PCB as the ESP8266 and a second one where an external relay module (like this one) is used.

For safety reasons I would suggest you to use an external relay module, that is the safer way.

Also if you are not trained to connect high voltage AC (220V or 110V) wires, stay away from these DIY project and buy a ready made module like this one.

On the next page I give an overview over the quite simple hardware.


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