Ganbarou ROM V 1.0

New ROM available : Ganbarou V1.1

For now this will be the final version of my Ganbarou (頑張ろう [gambaroo] = Japanese for “Try your best!!”) ROM.

This ROM is made for tablets like pov Mobii, Viewpad 10s, Smartsurfer 360 MN10U, that have an internal 3G modem and GPS. Of course it works on similar tablets like the Advent Vega, XVision, …

My main goal is to get a ROM that gives full support to 3G and GPS and be as stable and fast as possible.

Servicepack 1 available:

  • Live wallpapers
  • Fixed problem with screen calibration application
  • Added Suspend mode by short press of power button
  • New version of ROM Updater that works with incremental updates.

More details ==> Ganbarou ROM V 1.0a (SP 1)

Download link Ganbarou ROM V 1.0a

How to flash:

Method 1: With ClockWorkMod recovery

  • Download ZIP file, copy to your SDcard and use ClockWorkMod to flash it.

Method 2: With BeeGee ROM Updater

Changelog V 1.0

  • 3G is automatically on after boot
  • ROM Updater integrated
  • Game mode for accelerometer added (taken from Corvus ROM)

Changelog V0.3b

  • Added NTFS automount (Again many thanks to the_corvus for the scripts)

Changelog V0.3a

  • Fixed small bug with TPUtility. It crashed due to some wrong libraries.

Changelog V0.3

  • New kernel – CorvusKernel 0.2 (Many thanks to the_corvus for compiling a stock version of his very fast kernel)
  • Bluetooth problem solved
  • Changed file manager from Astro to standard Android file manager (taken from CM7 ROM).
  • Removed NI keyboard (can be downloaded and installed from here)
  • Name spelling corrected :-p

Changelog V0.2

  • Added reboot option to power menu

Changelog V0.1

  • Removed unnecessary apps like Korean Keyboard, Market replacement apps (didn’t work anyway), LiveWallpapers, iFilemanager (FC with BuzzVega Kernel 0.7), help guides, …
  • Updated APN list
  • Changed hosts file with ads block
  • Replaced wpa_supplicant for access to AdHoc WiFi accesspoints
  • Added new bootloader.bin for BSOD fix. (Only in NV version)
  • Added ClockWorkMod recovery and reboot APK from Paul
  • And of course it has the Messaging app, so you can send and receive SMS and MMS.
  • And just in case someone needs I added Titanium Backup and Visionary Root
  • And of course the main Google apps -> Market, Gmail, Contacts and Calendar
  • I kept the original launcher and added the VTL launcher, but its easily upgradeable, as it is installed in /data/app/
  • I kept as well the Adobe Flash Player V10.1.120.10, as it was coming with the original ROM.

Overclocking [source]:

  • Method 1:
    • Get SetCPU from the market (or from XDA) and select autodetect on the first start (if you have started earlier, must press menu and press the left button “device”). Then you can move the slide to 1500000 (or whatever speed you want). You can define profiles as well. Seems to work on my ROM.
  • Method 2:
    • Download CPU Master from market. It must detect the freqs and let you use them. Don’t change any other parameter, use at your own risk.

USB host mode [source] – Accelerator mode switch [source]:

By default the tablet is in USB slave mode. To switch to host mode press power button, once display get power (you will see the difference), press back button and hold until finish booting. To go back to slave mode simply reboot your tablet without holding the back button.

You can use the Host Mode Indicator widget by ptbw to see the current USB status:

Added a Game/Mouse mode indicator/switcher (made by the talented ptbw). This is a great tool and allows you to easily switch between “Game” (accelerometer) mode and “Mouse” (erm… Mouse) modes. The two modes have to be separate due to the way that the libraries within the ROM work, but now you can easily switch the tablet into a mode which works perfectly for mouse support, and back again for playing games such as SpeedX. This tool will reboot your Vega for you, so if you are switching to Mouse mode, remember to hold BACK after the app reboots the device to make sure it boots up in HOST mode for connecting the mouse.

Have fun and give me feedback.

And as usual: You use this ROM on your own risk. I am not responsible if you break your device, loose warranty, get into a fight with your wife or loose important company data from your SDcard.

What is not working:

There is a problem with the GPS settings in “Location & security settings”. After boot the option “Use GPS satellites” is greyed out and cannot be activated.
To get this fixed you need to switch off the 3G/GPS modem and switch it on again. After that the “Use GPS satellites” is selectable.
And here is the ROM Updater. This tool will help you to get updated versions of the ROM and much more.

See the ROM Updater post to learn more.



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17 Responses to Ganbarou ROM V 1.0

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  2. ryanrudolf says:

    Kabayan!? I really like the v1.0, but noticed that TP Utility FCs when I try to launch it . . . running it on my advent vega. Thanks!

  3. Sinclair says:


    I am new to Android world, just purchased a Viewpad7, will this ROM enable the 3G ? I can only use as a cell phone but the internet portion only works with WI-FI.


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  6. Sam says:

    The GPS doesn’t work under 3G or Wifi mode , it cannot locate me when I am using Google map .

  7. Michel says:

    Thank you for sharing this ROM. I love it.
    Today, I think, I broke my device. It doesn’t boot anymore.
    What I did, With this ROM the USB port was not working. USB Stick and USB keyboard did not work.
    So I installed a tool to set USB mode.

    Well, this is not working. (be aware guys, do not install some USB Mode apps to set USB Mode) Now, only the back light of the LCD panel lights up.
    My desktop computer does not see the tablet. So I am not able to upload firmware.

    My wife is still alive and I like to keep it that way. :-)

    Do you, or someone else know a way to reset this device? Pressing back button while powering up works, only the PC does not see the device
    I think, USB is still turned off.


    • beegee1962 says:

      Well reading the few lines that I wrote about the ROM might have saved you from your trouble.
      In this Rom you switch between USB Slave (standard) and USB Host with rebooting and keeping the back button pressed while the tablet reboots.

      Now to get you back to a working tablet try Zebraheads tip on MoDaCo forum.

      Important: You can always get your tablet back to life by flashing a Stock ROM. Check Advent Vega’s download page and get the Stock ROM and the manual how to flash it.

      Hope this helps.

  8. Michel says:

    It’s back alive.

    I connect the defibrillator, give it 360 joules and it get some colors on the screen.
    Perfect. Yes, you are right. You said it. I had to read the content better.

    Thank you so much for reanimating this device.

    Coffee is on the way..


  9. zdaddy3609 says:

    I was wondering if this would work on the imito im7s I’m just curious cause if can work for smart surfer I’m half tempted to try it put on my imito im7s

    • beegee1962 says:

      Don’t try it. The imito im7s has a different screen size and different processor. You will brick your tablet.

  10. zdaddy3609 says:

    Thanks for letting me know you wouldn’t happen to know were I can find a good rom for it to you

  11. arditya says:

    hi, this ROM is great…
    can I change the USB host mode in default? or maybe how can I add an app like shuttle tools so i don’t have to restart the tablet?
    thanks for help…

    • beegee1962 says:

      Sorry, I am no longer developing for this tablet. Last solution I know is “By default the tablet is in USB slave mode. To switch to host mode press power button, once display get power (you will see the difference), press back button and hold until finish booting. To go back to slave mode simply reboot your tablet without holding the back button.”. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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