AdamG Oxygen V2.1.6 for HTC Desire with mods for Softbank Japan

Oxygen 2.1.6 modded by BeeGee — Gingerbread

All credits for the base ROM goes to the team around AdamG.

Gingerbread ROM for HTC Desire

This is a full ROM and I propose that you backup your applications and make a full wipe before flashing this ROM.

Changelog of Oxygen 2.1.6

For me the best, most stable and fastest version of Android for my HTC Desire.

Download from here!

My mods:
New Softbank MMS
iWNN IME (Japanese keyboard)
PhoneCard Express
Softbank APN (special Desire version)
Booanimation symlinked to data/local
Hosts file changed to block ads
Notification bar icons changed
Changed default wallpaper (see screenshots)
ZEAM 2.8.7 launcher

Zeam Launcher 2.8.7 is my prefered home for the HTC Desire. After flashing the ROM, you will be asked if you want to use Launcher2 or Zeam as your default launcher.

The default wallpaper changed to my favorite one as well.

I am in favor of the HTC IME, but the default Android keyboard is available as well.


Unfortunately there is a small problem when the phone boots the first time.


You will see an error message, telling you that HTC IME stopped unexpectedly.

Just click on force close, the keyboard will work fine.

To be able to type in Japanese, I implemented the Japanese keyboard from the Softbank Desire X06HT.

From this ROM I got as well the necessary APN settings for MMS and Internet connection using the flat data plan.

Strange enough, Softbank uses different APN settings for different plans and phones. This is very confusing.

And I changed the MMS application against the newest Softbank Mail application.

Softbank Japan has implemented a special email service, based on MMS. It works like a push email service. The standard MMS application of Android does not support the Softbank S!Mail.

I implemented the Softbank MMS application from the market into the ROM.

It handles normal SMS and the Softbank MMS.

The changed MMS application supports as well to use the typical Japanese emoji.

And you can make creative S!Mails with templates.
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17 Responses to AdamG Oxygen V2.1.6 for HTC Desire with mods for Softbank Japan

  1. Briz_in_japan says:

    i just flashed the ROM 2.1.6 Oxygen after backing everything up and then installing this. Pretty much everything is going well, but for some reason when i open “Sound” from the “Settings” menu, and try to select the phone or notifications ringtone, i get “The application Settings (process has stopped unexpectedly…..”

    Any idea how to fix this? I like the ROM, have spent time setting it all up as i want to, but can’t now change the message or notification ringtone from the default setting….

    Many thanks for your hard work,


    • beegee1962 says:

      Hello Briz_in_Japan,

      I just tried on my phone (with ROM 2.1.6 Oxygen) to change the ringtone and notification sound and it works without problems.

      Not sure if it helps, but try to create some folders on your SDcard:
      And put a mp3 file in each of them.

      I am not sure if this helps, but that is what i have for additional ringtones.

      • Briz_in_japan says:

        Actually it was even giving a force close error if i tried to select any application from the market, so i wondered whether one of my reinstalled apps from Titanium backup was causing some issue.

        I reflashed anyway, this time chose just a few apps to reinstall, and so far (touch wood) it’s working beautifully.

        Thanks for your help.

  2. Sa says:

    i have question again~
    i still can’t use mms, when i use “softbank mail” to send mms, it always shows sending error.
    and if i click “check the server data” it shows can not connect to server.
    and my friend also can not send me a mms.
    it’s because i am using black sim?
    i have add the APN, but it still not work…

    • beegee1962 says:

      I am using the black SIM as well and can send and receive MMS. You wrote you “added” the APN entries. I don’t understand why you need to add them, as they are in the ROM already available.
      Check if the APN entries look like:


  3. Sa says:

    Does softbank!mail app need any setting?

    • beegee1962 says:

      With the new Softbank Email app I didn’t had to change any settings. It worked immediately.

      Really strange that it does not work for you. Did you try the old SoftbankEmail app?

      • Sa says:

        i did the fully recovery just now,
        and using mmsreq,
        it’s shows i have 11 mms,
        and the softbank mail still not work,
        old softbank mail app?
        in fact, i came to Japan just 2 month ago…
        so i have no idea about the old app…
        and 1 week ago, i just got the softbank password.
        after that, i login mysoftbank, change the email address.
        yesterday, i remove softbank mail app,
        handcent received the messages, but i can not download.
        now i will try to install, if it still not work, i think the problem is from my softbank setting…
        thank you for your help m(__ __)m

        • Sa says:

          after flashed “”, mms still not work, when i used mmsrqe asking for mail, mms.apk(the old mms app?) didn’t receive any sms or mms. and then i installed softbank mail app, when i clicked “new mail” button, it showed “canceled reveive new mails success!” it’s interesting… i did not click cancel button…
          i think it’s softbank’s problem, i will check the setting of mysoftbank, or ask them for solutions.
          thanks for your help~~
          now i will reinstall your rom, i like the boot animation, omishiroi~
          thank you again m(__ __)m

          • beegee1962 says:

            With “old” Softbank mail app I ment this one: Softbank Japan S!Mail.

            I am afraid that if you go to Softbank they will tell you that they cannot help you because you are using a none Softbank phone and that cannot work. That is at least my experience. I can offer you to meet (if you are somewhere in Tokyo area) and check if I can get your S!Mail to work.

  4. Sa says:

    i flashed your””
    user-agent setting to iphone 3.0?
    it’s still not work…
    i am in okinawa ken, nahashi…
    thank you~ maybe i shoule give up using mms orz….
    thank you again.

    • beegee1962 says:

      Maybe I should go to holidays in Okinawa then :D

      You can try and ask Softbank, maybe in Okinawa they are better trained and more open than here in Tokyo.

      • Sa says:

        okinawa is a good place :P
        blue sky, clean beach….
        afternoon i will call softbank for help :P

        • beegee1962 says:

          I forgot to ask if you have tried the SIM card in an “official” Softbank phone and if the S!mail is working there.
          If it is not working on a Softbank phone than chances are good that they can fix it.

          • Sa says:

            I have tried using another original softbank phone,
            today i went to softbank’s shop for 2 hours,
            and the problem still can not solve…
            maybe i did something worst, :P
            after my auntie come back to okinawa,
            i will use the original iphone 3gs testing mms.
            thank you m(__ __)m

  5. Valmain says:

    Hi, just one more question from me. Does this ROM support HD video recording?

    • beegee1962 says:

      According to the changelog of AdamG Oxygen:

      Where did 720P recording go? Google didn’t enable it on the N1 update, so given that Oxygen is kept as hack-free as possible it’s not here either. Video quality is still great and suits playback on the Desire perfectly. (thanks wlee2)

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