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  1. Valmain
    Valmain at ·

    Thanks so much for supplying the rom! It runs great, but I am having one little problem; I can’t get the GPS to work. It worked fine in 2.1.6, but when I upgraded to this one the GPS just hangs. Have you had any issues with the GPS?

  2. Merlin
    Merlin at ·

    Hi! Thanks for the ROM! I’ve been having a problem. I’ve never been able to successfully flash any of your customized ROMs. I always get stuck at the white HTC screen. I’ve wiped the cache and have done a factory reset. I even tried removing the SD card (it’s 32GB so i thought maybe the ROM behaves differently when used with it).

    There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the phone because I’ve used leedroid and oxygen, and can revert to it when the beegee rom fails. I’m using a custom MTD partition-
    Bravo Oxygen r2 100M /system, 5M cache, 332M data. Is there anything I missed? I tried putting the softbank SIM in before flashing but still, nothing.


  3. Merlin
    Merlin at ·

    Ah! It works now, I had to revert to the stock bravo partition layout. Great work on the ROM! Thanks! Is there a way to make this compatible with the other partition layouts, like oxygen r2 from this site – http://alpharev.nl/

  4. Victor
    Victor at ·

    Hi BeeGee,
    I have an HTC Desire Z. So I’m not using this custom ROM per se, but since I live in Japan and use Softbank, I often refer to this page in helping me get my Android device setup on the network here. I’m actually using a custom Sense 3.5 ROM, and everything seems to be working smoothly here. I’m having issues with battery life, but next time I flash, I’ll perhaps implement the libhtc_ril.so changes I read about.

    My question for you is about the MMS.apk file. I think I use the same version as you ( I don’t remember exactly where I got it– whether from your site or the Jake/Yokin guy’s page), but I just want to be sure. According to my Titanium Backup, the version of MMS.apk I use is 2.2.1. For the most part, I think it works fine. But it doesn’t seem to be completely compatible with the Messages widget in Sense 3.5 (the buttons of the widget are completely unresponsive). I was just wondering if the MMS.apk that you use is from Softbank’s Froyo ROM or is it from their Gingerbread ROM? I’m not sure either would make a difference in my case, but I imagine I’d have a better chance of getting it to work properly with the newest version there is.

    I appreciate any help or suggestions you can give.

  5. Henri S
    Henri S at ·

    Hi, thanks for the ROM. I’m having some trouble getting the Softbank Mail to work, presumably because I have a prepaid sim so my APN would likely be different. I’ve tried a number of different APNs but still no luck. The Softbank Mail application did manage to have a message notification pushed if I sent an email from elsewhere to my softbank email but it was however not able to download the message. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

  6. Androidbrains
    Androidbrains at ·

    thanks for all your hard work on these ROMs, we really appreciate it!

    I have a quick question though, kind of related. Do you know of any other mail apps (other than the mind-bogglingly bad Softbank mail) which will work on the Desire in Japan? Something that will enable me to send and receive SMS and MMS? I’m sure I’ve used another before but can’t for the life of me remember what it was…

  7. alex
    alex at ·

    Thanx for all these info.
    I have just a acquired a Galaxy Note from overseas.
    Before, I was using HTC Desire with Pakehoudai.
    My issue here is I have been attempting to use the same simcard with my Galaxy Note, But i have been failing to get data or use softbank mail client.
    any Ideas?

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