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  1. apinda
    apinda at ·

    hi beegee1962, i’ve tried this ROM. it’s really great ROM for my Viewpad 10s. all of the functions work fine except the usb port. how to make the usb port working?

  2. apinda
    apinda at ·

    hi again beegee1962…
    i have logitech m100 mouse that i connected on my 10s. it works but it has some problems. when i slide my mouse up, the cursor move right. it’s like the orientation is landscape but the cursor is potrait. is there any solution for this problem? or is the mouse that not compatible with 10s? thanks

  3. tksekaran
    tksekaran at ·

    hi, i just bought a viewpad 10s wifi + 3G model, am new to android. can you pls guide me on my doubts :
    1.is your ROM version 1.1 stable ? will all features of viewpad 10s work ?
    2.how to make the usb port always in host mode ? is there any other shortcut apart from bootup to change the usb port to host mode ? or reboot is the only way ? pls clarify.
    3.how to root my viewpad 10s ? what software to use correctly ?
    4.do i need to install CWM recovery seperately – before installing your ROM ?
    5.pls guide me (in simple terms) how to change from the 2.2 os to your ROM ? a clear step by step instruction guide or link to such a doc would be highly appreciated.
    thanks for giving viewpad 10s users this ROM. Cheers, have a nice day.

  4. wallace
    wallace at ·

    Thanks for publishing your mods, i am a noob at this flashing thing so if you don’t mind would you tellme the base hardware this rom will run into and ift is compatible with apx flashing? Maybe i’m really lost so if i’m let me know, by the way if is an apx compatible rom i want to use it on a boot stuck xvision nc10. Thanks in advance.

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