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  1. Briz_in_japan
    Briz_in_japan at ·

    i just flashed the ROM 2.1.6 Oxygen after backing everything up and then installing this. Pretty much everything is going well, but for some reason when i open “Sound” from the “Settings” menu, and try to select the phone or notifications ringtone, i get “The application Settings (process com.android.settings) has stopped unexpectedly…..”

    Any idea how to fix this? I like the ROM, have spent time setting it all up as i want to, but can’t now change the message or notification ringtone from the default setting….

    Many thanks for your hard work,


  2. Sa
    Sa at ·

    i have question again~
    i still can’t use mms, when i use “softbank mail” to send mms, it always shows sending error.
    and if i click “check the server data” it shows can not connect to server.
    and my friend also can not send me a mms.
    it’s because i am using black sim?
    i have add the smile.world APN, but it still not work…

  3. Sa
    Sa at ·

    Does softbank!mail app need any setting?

  4. Sa
    Sa at ·

    i flashed your”Softbank-IME-MMS.zip”
    user-agent setting to iphone 3.0?
    it’s still not work…
    i am in okinawa ken, nahashi…
    thank you~ maybe i shoule give up using mms orz….
    thank you again.

  5. Valmain
    Valmain at ·

    Hi, just one more question from me. Does this ROM support HD video recording?

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