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  2. ryanrudolf
    ryanrudolf at ·

    Kabayan!? I really like the v1.0, but noticed that TP Utility FCs when I try to launch it . . . running it on my advent vega. Thanks!

  3. Sinclair
    Sinclair at ·


    I am new to Android world, just purchased a Viewpad7, will this ROM enable the 3G ? I can only use as a cell phone but the internet portion only works with WI-FI.


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  5. Sam
    Sam at ·

    The GPS doesn’t work under 3G or Wifi mode , it cannot locate me when I am using Google map .

  6. Michel
    Michel at ·

    Thank you for sharing this ROM. I love it.
    Today, I think, I broke my device. It doesn’t boot anymore.
    What I did, With this ROM the USB port was not working. USB Stick and USB keyboard did not work.
    So I installed a tool to set USB mode.

    Well, this is not working. (be aware guys, do not install some USB Mode apps to set USB Mode) Now, only the back light of the LCD panel lights up.
    My desktop computer does not see the tablet. So I am not able to upload firmware.

    My wife is still alive and I like to keep it that way. 🙂

    Do you, or someone else know a way to reset this device? Pressing back button while powering up works, only the PC does not see the device
    I think, USB is still turned off.


  7. Michel
    Michel at ·

    It’s back alive.

    I connect the defibrillator, give it 360 joules and it get some colors on the screen.
    Perfect. Yes, you are right. You said it. I had to read the content better.

    Thank you so much for reanimating this device.

    Coffee is on the way..


  8. zdaddy3609
    zdaddy3609 at ·

    I was wondering if this would work on the imito im7s I’m just curious cause if can work for smart surfer I’m half tempted to try it put on my imito im7s

  9. zdaddy3609
    zdaddy3609 at ·

    Thanks for letting me know you wouldn’t happen to know were I can find a good rom for it to you

  10. arditya
    arditya at ·

    hi, this ROM is great…
    can I change the USB host mode in default? or maybe how can I add an app like shuttle tools so i don’t have to restart the tablet?
    thanks for help…

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