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  1. Connnor
    Connnor at ·

    Sounds realy stupid i know but i guess i need to root the viewpad then use my method of choice. Also do you have any knowledge of if its possible with the viewpad to erase windows 7 completley and keep the whole SSD for android

  2. Connnor
    Connnor at ·

    Thanks for the help. Do you know the name of anyrom i could try or the name of a site where i can start my search as google isnt returning to much right now

  3. connor
    connor at ·

    Thanks again. Doesnt look like much is availible at the current time. Im begining to wonder would it be worth my time creating my own ROM like you. Is it possible to creat my own ROM from the ISO file from there site. If so could you point me in the right direction to get me on my way. Feel free to reply through email. XXXXXX-X-XXXX@hotmail.co.uk

  4. cosimo
    cosimo at ·

    can i use the device as a phone with this rom? I’m buyng a viewsonic with 3g built in. Can i do Phone call and send sms?

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