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  1. lahainet
    lahainet at ·

    I hava an 10s but when i try to backup with the utility ask me for a name, then restart and a open box with an arrow an android figure appears but the time is passing and i dont know how much time is required for the backup is normal to take much time?

    i live in mexico city please help me.

  2. Ben
    Ben at ·

    Hi I´m from mexico too, i tried something stupid, i tried to install a honeycomb update to my viewpad 10s, the screen goes black, and some time laps and i did not see any change from that black screen so i turn it off, and then turn in the viewpad and now the screen is still black, how i can restore the viewpad, in matter of fact i even care the apps that i had in my viewpad, i just want it functional again. could somebody help me???

  3. apinda
    apinda at ·

    i need help…
    I have a viewpad 10s
    I restored my original ROM. at first it worked but after I restart my viewpad, it won’t boot anymore. I only see blank screen when i turn it on. could you tell me what i must do? sorry for bad english but i really need help…. thanks…

    1. apinda
      apinda at ·

      anybody help me please? i’ve been searching the solution for my 10s and i don’t find it yet. i’ve been trying to access the recovery mode but my 10s keep showing me a blank screen. i’ve tried to connect it to my PC but won’t detect my 10s. I don’t know how to install the USB driver either. give me some pointers, please?

      1. apinda
        apinda at ·

        i’ve tried so many times but nothing happen. I think the problem is in the windows. looks like I get the NVFlash mode (no backlight after the comination button) but my laptop doesn’t respond.

      2. apinda
        apinda at ·

        thank you very much beegee1962. you really help me. finally i solve the problem by uninstalling kies samsung software (in fact, I don’t Kies can affect it but it is solved after i uninstall it). I really thanks to you, you are the best.

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