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  1. steve allen
    steve allen at ·

    one more question, i’ve got the rc7 working on my phone now and the market works but i can’t figure out how to get the japanese keyboard working. any suggestions?

  2. steve allen
    steve allen at ·

    ah ha, got it!! thanks a lot for your help!

  3. In_Japan
    In_Japan at ·

    Hi there!

    I downloaded and installed your custom oxygen ROM.
    I had open Desire before, and the battery life was horrible until I added ro.ril.fast.dormancy.timeout=3
    to the build.prop to stop battery drain. I noticed that your custom ROM doesn’t have this added. I just intalled the ROM now, so I was wondering if I should add it too.



  4. Hassan
    Hassan at ·

    BG h r ya?are you back ?are you going to upgrade oxygen anytime soon?

  5. Sa
    Sa at ·

    Hi, BeeBee sann, the oxygen rom is now version 2.1.6,
    and i flash your mod for Oxygen 2.0 RC7,
    It can not work…
    would you please take a free time made one new mod :P?
    Softbank MMS!! it’s a big problem….
    m(__ __)m

  6. Sa
    Sa at ·

    really really thank you~~~~

  7. Valmain
    Valmain at ·

    I really appreciate you making this available and I want to flash this on my Desire. I’m just curious, is it possible to use the Softbank Mail app for MMS/SMS with this ROM?

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