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  1. EpD
    EpD at ·

    Hello. Nice statics.
    how’s its battery life?

  2. hassan
    hassan at ·

    how we should upgrade from rc 5 of this rom?simply flash it?what about current settings and data?

  3. hassan
    hassan at ·


  4. hassan
    hassan at ·

    should i flash radio too?

  5. EpD
    EpD at ·

    nice. so, I guess you added code to build.prop and replace libhtc_ril.so, didn’t you?
    my desire drains 0.6%/h while screen off. with wifi/3g/sync enabled.
    setcpu is nice idea.. I goota try.

  6. EpD
    EpD at ·

    I just made a profile.
    thank you for the info!

  7. hassan
    hassan at ·

    Hy there.
    just got quick question when my htc desire’s battery reach at 10% phone shutdown automatically how to disable this feature?

  8. steve allen
    steve allen at ·

    hi, i just flashed this to my phone but the market doesn’t seem to work. do you have any ideas?

  9. steve allen
    steve allen at ·

    ok, thanks. i have backups of everything as well as the nandroid. i think i’ll try going back to the froyo rom and see how that goes.

  10. steve allen
    steve allen at ·

    and also, HTC sync wouldn’t work with gingerbread so i couldn’t install titanium backup through that our download it through the market.

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