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  1. king
    king at · · Reply

    thaaaaaaaaaaank you for this rom update 🙂

    please can you upload this to mediafire.com or dev-host thanks 😉
    I can’t download in the links that you provided… :'(
    my browser doesn’t support redirecting links thanks again

  2. king
    king at · · Reply

    Or can you give me the direct link to download the rom….. 😉

  3. king
    king at · · Reply

    thank you again, for this ROM.
    I have a problem with network signal,,…it always say searching for network\no service i ‘d rebooted and turn my p4 tab 3G off many times but it’s still happen ….. I pull out my sim card and insert it after a minute.. nothing change…..still no service,,,,,,

    is there any way to solve this issue?

    I am using P4 3G p7500 and I download the ROM that you uploaded June 15 😉

  4. Harrier
    Harrier at · · Reply

    I have the same problem with mobile network.
    i’m using the same ROM ver as king.

    The ROM its self are greate, just missing the mobile network function, it would be great if you had an fix for this.

  5. Manuel
    Manuel at · · Reply

    Hello, have installed this rom today, now i have the problem, that there is no usb connection to pc possible.

    Dont find options for this, is this a known problem?

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