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  1. DarkMoS
    DarkMoS at ·

    Thanks, I was using using Simeji, I’ll try with this keyboard for a couple of days

  2. Garretot
    Garretot at ·

    Come On


  3. hassan
    hassan at ·

    i installed this keyboard but kanji is not coming i pressed ?? but no success.is ther anyway to get dictionary too?i am using rooted desire using orange uk rom with 2.2. seimji etc works fine but i like SB keyboard its more easy in there.so any suggestions?what about dictionary anyway to install that so i can convert hiragana to kanji?

  4. hassan
    hassan at ·

    beegee1962 Thanks for your reply
    in prediction box for example i write ?? it remains ???besides thats no other word.before root i used to get ? and other predictions for kanji and on ???button nothing happens.
    waiting for your reply
    kind regards.

  5. hassan
    hassan at ·

    Hy beegee1962
    All boxes are checked.i double check it no luck.strange really strange.
    i don’t like simeji or openiwnn .should i install RUU rom for SB to revert root?what you suggest?i love this rom for skype lol.use flash light as torch.other than i don’t need anything else.should i try to install your rom?if suggested.

  6. hassan
    hassan at ·

    here are screen shots for my keyboard it simply stays in hiragana,

    last img when i pressed ??

  7. hassan
    hassan at ·

    ah man i did terrible thing to install custom theme and app and my rom is gone anwyay i installed ur rom now rc5.like to ask about APN settings.till now i used username as opensoftbank.are you sure about your settings in apn?like for softbankx06ht.
    what are the differences between three apns you added in rom?are the safe?i mean i m using shihodai package.if anything goes wrong bill will be big u know.

  8. hassan
    hassan at ·

    Thanks for your reply.
    yeah besides vid cam bug everything is fine.i like keyboard options you provided.its RC(release candidate) so when stable version is expected?

  9. hassan
    hassan at ·

    what about navigation?i used brut navigation its fast and stable.why you dont add navigation too in rom?

  10. hassan
    hassan at ·

    ah stopwatch etc are missing too.can i use 2.2 version .apk for that?or i need to install some other apps for it?weather too is not present like 2.2 where you can controll weather,world clock,stop watch etc/

  11. hassan
    hassan at ·

    i will try to install that.but biggest problem was Japanese keyboard but i love this rom.besides few hiccups everything is perfect really love it.
    and really thanks to you for your support really appreciated.
    Kindest regards,

  12. hassan
    hassan at ·

    Beegee little help needed.i like to make few widgets/mod for my cell.i have experience in php/vb.net is it possible if you can provide any web/tutorial links to make app for android,apart from google links.and if you can provide any demo mod source file will be most welcomed.feel free to email me ,
    waiting for your reply.
    kindest regards.

  13. hassan
    hassan at ·

    Ah.ok never mind thanks for reply.

  14. MoDaCo r8 modded by BeeGee | HTC Blaze

    […] at XDA developers. iWnnIME – Japanese keyboard (stripped from a Softbank Japan HTC Desire by myself) Titanium Backup – thanks to Joël Bourquard – Market link. No ads host file – […]

  15. kiera
    kiera at ·

    Hi, I know this is an old post but I’m trying to get a decent Japanese IME on my new Sensation and figured it was worth a shot to try the Desire IME. But I can’t flash your zip file. CWM tells me:

    “Amend scripting (update-script) is no longer supported. Amend scripting was deprecated by Google in Android 1.5. It was necessary to remove it when upgrading to the ClockworkMod 3.0 Gingerbread based recovery. Please switch to Edify scripting (updater-script and update-binary) to create working update zip packages. Installation aborted.”

    Is there any other way for me to try installing this? I assume it’s not as easy as just putting iWnnIME.apk in the system/app folder using Root Explorer…

  16. Kachi21
    Kachi21 at ·


    Do you have real Emoji with this keyboard?
    I’m thinking about getting an unlocked Galaxy S2 from Hong Kong, so I’m looking for a nice Japanese keyboard which could support Emoji compatible with iPhone…

    Thank you in advance.

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