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  1. andre
    andre at · · Reply

    hi sorry for noob question
    i have cwm v5.8, can i install this rom??
    and about flash the room , is it using odin or just cwm?

  2. andre
    andre at · · Reply

    just installed this rom, but i have a few problems
    how to manage/rearrange apps icon?
    after intall chainfire 3d pro my tab got blank, so i restore my room before

  3. Ovidio
    Ovidio at · · Reply

    Nice rom, thank you for your work. I have one thing that doesn’t work though. My data traffic doesn’t work. Yes, it’s on. I verified the sim on other tablets and it works.

    Thank you

  4. Ovidio
    Ovidio at · · Reply

    Solved, had to insert the APN. It’s strange though, on the phone didn’t had that problem. Thanks for your work

  5. bruno
    bruno at · · Reply

    Thanks for the very nice ROM.
    Could you please tell me how to re-arrange icons on the Applications page. In Android 4.0.1 I could hide applications or create folders to regroup applications in the Application page. Thank you. Best regards

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