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  1. eef berkers
    eef berkers at ·

    Hello BeeGee,
    i have the same problem with e-book after updating to 3.2
    I tried to install your e-book app but this didn’t work (gt 7510) “message: app not installed.
    Do you have any suggestions ?

  2. hornet
    hornet at ·

    Can you share the source code of this application? I would like to port it for Andorid 2.3.6 for Samsung galaxy note.


  3. Paul
    Paul at ·

    So you install it with the APK- multi touch tool? see i followed the instructions: removed the sys/app ebook.apk, downloaded yours but unzipped it and installed it, but when accessing the app there is a disclaimer that pops up and doesnt let me access the app. what did I do wrong?

  4. Paul
    Paul at ·

    yeah im familiar with the CWM recovery, going to give it a try hopefully is going to work thought!!! thank you for your help!! cleared a lot of questions!! really appreciated!! 🙂

  5. Paul
    Paul at ·

    Hi there again!! After my failed try since my last comment, I need to tell you that now the problem has been resolved!!! What did I do? nothing, I gave up and started using aldiko ereader and some other apps on the market 🙁 until now that I’ve just update the firmware to the PDA:LA3/CSC:LA3, which was released yesterday by the way, and now it works like a charm!!! 🙂 I guess Samsung was aware of the issue thought!! just a heads up if someone had come across with the same issue as I did… 😉

  6. zeeqy
    zeeqy at ·

    I have been looking for this Ebook Reader for a while, I posted a thread on xda as well, I come across your post and somehow ended up here…

    Here is my question, can I install this ebook reader on Gingerbread? coz I have Galaxy Note and have installed all the best recomended book readers but nothing like the Honeycomb stock reader…


  7. Phil
    Phil at ·


    Will the Samsung eBook app work on an ASUS PRIME running ICS ?

  8. marion
    marion at ·

    My new galaxy tab 2 7″ did not come with samsungs ebook app, so i downloadedand installed your apk. It installed fine, but i have the same problem as i have with swype install. The screen size/resolution is an odd size. When i open ebook reader, i cant get passed disclaimer page, because the agree button is below the visible screen. And it wont scroll. All i can do is back out of the app. 🙁

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