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Electronics and software I made for Arduino and ESP8266 boards

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Some tips and tricks for Android phones and tablets

Made in Manila
This pages are crafted using WordPress. However the content is based on material that I collected from XDA Developers, Android-Hilfe and other sites.

Right now I am a “heavy” Samsung Galaxy user. I own a Galaxy S4, a Galaxy Note 10.1, a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and my wife has my “old” Galaxy S3. Before I was using HTC phones since years, starting with the old Himalaya, then BlueAngel, Universal (I loved the big keyboard), Kaiser, Diamond (lost in Manila), Diamond 2 (retired) and Desire.

About me
I am fascinated by Android and the possibilities that Android gives us with its Open Source. I started modding stock ROMs, but soon switched over to build ROMs from source. Usually I base my ROM on sources prepared by Cyanogenmod or NamelessROM and add my own features to them.
Recently I stopped developing ROMs (internet connection here in Philippines is too slow to daily update Android ROM builds) and concentrate more on electronics for home control systems. I started using Arduino and ESP8266 boards to build up my own system.